Rogues, edited by George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois

Rogues is an anthology edited by  George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois. The theme, you guessed it, is rogues. As Martin says in his introduction:

“Everbody loves a rogue … though sometimes we live to regret it. Scoundrels, con men, and scalawags. Ne’er-do-wells, thieves, cheats, and rascals. Bad boys and bad girls. Swindlers, seducers, deceivers, flimflam men, imposters, frauds, fakes, liars, cads, tricksters … they go by many names, and they turn up in stories of all sorts, in every genre under the sun, in myth and legend … and, oh, everywhere in history as well. They are the children of Loki, the brothers of Coyote. Sometimes they are heroes. Sometimes they are villains. More often they are something in between, grey characters … and grey has long been my favorite color. It is so much more interesting than black or white.”

This is a wonderfully diverse collection of short stories and novellas. I initially saw that there was a GOT piece which I wanted to read, then noticed Gillian Flynn had a story, and that sealed the already sealed deal. Because I’d been jonesing for more Gillian Flynn, and she didn’t disappoint with “What Do You Do?” which has one of the most memorable first lines of all time. Other stories that resonated with me were Connie Willis’s “Now Showing” and Carrie Vaughn’s “Roaring Twenties” but there was nary a bad story in the collection. Highly recommended.

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