I fell in love again last night (with a Wonderbook).

I received a book from Amazon last night (a real one that you hold in your hands?!?!) and immediately fell in love. (Again.)

Since it is an awesome resource for writers, I will share it here:  Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction – by Jeff Vandermeer

So to give you some background, I wasn’t really looking for another writing book, I have three on my Kindle right now that I haven’t even had time to start yet. I was actually on a personal quest to learn as much about Jeff Vandermeer as possible. He is a well respected anthologist (along with his wife Ann), so I’ve been learning everything I can about what makes their anthologies successful. In doing so I realized he also writes incredible fiction, so after reading some short stories, I looked up all of his work on Amazon, and then I saw… The Book.

I haven’t purchased a non-digital book in ages, so when I saw that it was not available for Kindle, I was kind of depressed, then decided, what the heck, I’ll just have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. I am so thankful now that it was only available in hard copy.

And what a wonder it is. I could never do it justice in writing (this from a writer), but it is the most beautifully illustrated how-to book I’ve ever seen. Magnificent. I would say every page is a work of art, but it goes beyond that: every inch of every page is sublime. The illustrations are brilliant and many of them are also infographics to help you visualize (and retain) the key concepts in the book.

The content is topnotch (based on reading the first chapter and skimming portions of the remainder). Jeff’s writing style is smooth and straightforward–a very easy read. There are also guest essays by writers such as George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, and others.

The final chapter is filled with advanced writing exercises that I can’t wait to tackle.

Anyway, I fell in love again, and just wanted to share it.

2 thoughts on “I fell in love again last night (with a Wonderbook).”

  1. Thanks for this recommendation, I had a look inside and also felt compelled to buy it, despite the fact that it isn’t available for Kindle. Perhaps it’s best this way; some books are more enjoyable in the traditional form.

  2. The artwork is so incredible and such an integral part of the text, the only way to do it digitally would be to just have each page as an image I think. I promise you’ll find the print copy worth it 🙂 The only downside is sometimes I don’t have the book with me and want to look something up I read and have to wait until I get home. LOL!

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